Rudy Garcia

photoHello fellow SJU students!  My name is Rudy Garcia, a junior transfer student majoring in marketing from La Puente, California!  Making the most out of the city and St. John’s University is my main focus.  The 2013-2014 school year will be my first at SJU and I’m very excited for the adventures I’ll be experiencing over these next few years.





New city, new endeavors, new hardships, and new triumphs!

October 8, 2013

You are in fact reading my first post as a St. John’s University student blogger.  I welcome you to read up on my adventures here on our lovely website every other week.  First off a little history about me, where I’m from, and how I got to SJU.  I hail from a city called La Puente, which is about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.  I am an older student, 27 to be exact and I graduated in 2004 from Bishop Amat High School.  After two years at a university, I decided to work full time and in 2008 I made the decision to go back to school.  In 2010 I got serious about my education and spent the next 3 years at Chaffey College, a community college in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  There I excelled in all facets and earned three associates degrees, spent multiple semesters on the dean’s list, and participated in honors courses.  I spent some time contemplating leaving to another city to get a truly unique experience and after last summer’s visit to the Queen’s campus I knew SJU was where I wanted to complete my bachelors degree.

Now moving to the big city wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.  Finding a place to live 3000 miles away, in an area you know nothing about can be a difficult thing to do.  There was also packing and deciding what’s going to fit inside your Toyota to go along with the headache of finding a home.  Once the car was packed, I spent 5 days traveling across the country visiting some of the most amazing cities and sights our country has to offer.  Finally I pulled into Queens and reality set in, I was no longer vacationing in New York, I was now a resident of the biggest city in the world.  The excitement was always there, I mean who wouldn’t be excited about moving to this amazing place?  But a variety of emotions began to hit me.  I was never oblivious to these emotions and knew they would eventually set in.  But when it hit me, it hit hard and so began the rigorous process of adapting.

So far it has been an interesting 3 weeks, where I’ve felt happy, sad, angry, and frustrated.  But the main reason why I’m here, the school that was the driving force in my decision to leave home, has proved to be my haven.  St. John’s University continues to be an experience like none other.  I feel comfortable and happy here because I know the values, traditions, and virtues it possesses.  Everyday there’s something to look forward to, whether its free food, meeting new students, or learning of a club or group that sparks my interest.  Then there are people like Ann Marie Napoli, Dean Hughes, and many other faculty members who give you comfort in knowing you’re at a great university.  Deep down inside I always felt a little nervous and scared about leaving California, but I 100% knew that St. John’s is where I belong.  The point I am trying to make is, don’t be afraid to take a risk or a leap of faith, because if you’re strong enough and believe in yourself, you will always land on your feet.

Hasta luego!

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