Andrew G. White IV

Andrew WhiteAsst. Dir. of Graduate Admission

Andrew White
Asst. Dir. of Graduate Admission

Andrew G. White IV has been the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions since October 17, 2011. While earning his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, he traveled to Paris, France to earn a French minor and develop fluency in the language. Upon completion of his degree, he traveled to China, where he spent four years in Education. From 2006-2010, he served as an ESL instructor, course writer and academic recruiter in various posts throughout the country. While in China, Andrew sat on several academic review boards and was a foreign consultant for the Nanjing Memorial Museum in Nanjing, China.  In addition to being fluent in Mandarin, Chinese and French, Andrew enjoys music, art and athletics. He is a member of the Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity Inc.


On the road: Thoughts about St. John’s University office of Graduate Admission’s Fall recruiting season

November 26, 2012

As we complete the Fall 2012 recruiting season, it is necessary to look back and assess the months behind us. First and foremost, what comes to mind are the wonderful and gracious displays of hospitality that were shown by all of our various university and organizational hosts throughout the world. We recognize that organizing an event, with so many variables, is no easy task. Each event we attended was well organized and presented in a manner that made our job of recruiting students that much more enjoyable. Thank you and see you next Fall!

Of course, we must reflect on the actual reason we have spent the past months traveling from place to place. It was so we could meet students and share information about our university with them. This was done with the hope that they would be so impressed with us and our offered academic material, that they made the major life choice to continue their educational future with us. We wholeheartedly recognize that the road ahead of the students we meet is uncertain. We also recognize that our highest responsibility is to the students. We enter each college with the mindset that students are coming to us because they believe in us and what we offer. They believe that we are there to guide them in the right direction and not to lead them a stray. It is and will always be important that we do not forget that our first responsibility is to the students we meet.

In addition to meeting students on the road, we regularly hosted inner office counseling sessions. In several cases, we welcomed students from out of state to our campus. These students happened or planed to be in New York for one reason or another and made it a point to visit the university because they, like many, are on the brink of their future. It continues to be a true delight to welcome students to our campus, explain our programs, give them a tour and connect them with our faculty members.

We are now preparing to review and submit applications for faculty decisions. We realize that this is a trying time for many eager students. Applicants and students alike should always know that they are free to contact us with any questions they have.  We will always do our utmost to ensure that questions are handled professionally and expeditiously. As we bring the year and semester to a close, we intend to reflect on the year that has passed and focus on our aspirations for the year to come. Our team will strive to bring better customer service to all we encounter!  We greatly appreciate the wonderful show of interest in the Graduate programs at St. John’s and wish everyone a very happy and fruitful new year!

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