Colby Mrowka’s : A Week In The Life Of A Johnny – Day 1

Hey guys! So, I know I haven’t blogged in awhile and I apologize. Being so involved on campus and what seems like endless snow days have really thrown me off from my usual swing of things. All of this left me thinking how I could make it up to my loyal readers. Well, after some serious brainstorming I came up with an idea. I am going to blog for a week straight to fill you in on my life as a St. John’s student and catch you up on what you have missed.

To sum up my past few weeks I can use one word…basketball. As a season ticket holder and one of D’Angelo Harrison’s (better known as 3’Angelo) biggest fans,  I attended nearly every single game. I sat in section 8 at the world’s most famous arena. For those of you who don’t know, that is courtside at Madison Square Garden #nbd. Possibly my most memorable moment from the season thus far would have to be being selected to do an on court promotion with my best friend during half time. Not many people can say they stood on the court!

Before I ramble on with stories from the past few months, I’ll stop myself. For the next week I will be giving you an inside look at what it is like to be me, a St. John’s University student. At the end of the week I have hopes that you can discover what it would be like to be you. :)

My view!

My view!

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Award Letter Season

Eileen Flood, Director of Student Financial Services, has a special message for incoming a students!

March not only kicks off the Spring Season but it also kicks off Award Letter Season. Universities throughout the United States begin mailing out their new year Financial Aid Award Letters.

To date, St. Johns’ University has sent out over 12,000 Award Letters to accepted new students who applied for financial aid.

St. John’s students can view their financial aid offer online via their personal UIS account. To log on go to and on the upper right click on MYSJU and then click on UIS.

I encourage students and their families to carefully review all their financial aid offers.  A college education is a major investment and like all major life investments time is needed to review, weigh and consider all options.


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Apply For Aid Today

Happy New Year! Eileen Flood, Director of Student Financial Services, has a special message for incoming and current students!

The Office of Student Financial Services is committed to helping students and their families navigate the financial aid process.

The first step is to file the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). Pleases visit  to complete your application.

The U.S. Department of Education estimates that on average it takes less than 30 minutes to complete the FAFSA.  When you consider that this past year over 97 % of new students received some form of assistance this is time well spent.

Avoid limiting opportunities and complete your FAFSA application today!

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Choosing a Repayment Plan

Nicolas Xouris, Financial Aid Advisor, shares the following advice about choosing a repayment plan:

Responsible student loan borrowing begins with financial literacy and ends with repayment.   If you graduated this past May, your six-month grace period’s end is near. 

Your servicer will soon provide you—if they have not already—with a repayment schedule that outlines your first payment’s due date, the number of payments you will make, and the dollar amount of each payment.  Unless you have specified otherwise, you will be placed in a standard repayment plan.

Under the standard repayment plan, your loans are repaid over ten years.  You’ll pay less interest over time than in under any other plan.  The Department of Ed’s Repayment Comparison Calculator gives you an idea of how much you’ll pay back through standard repayment.

Remember, the standard repayment plan is not for everyone.  Using the Department of Ed’s Repayment Estimator, you can compare and contrast the various plans that you are eligible to enroll in.  Check back for future posts describing these plans in further detail.

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Greetings from Sarish Shehzadi

Meet Sarish Shehzadi, she decided to continue her graduate studies at St. John’s University!

St. John’s University has been a second home for me considering the fact that I completed my undergraduate studies here with a major in biology and two minors; chemistry and theology. Throughout my college years, I always wanted to go to medical school but after shadowing some doctors I changed my mind. I enrolled for combined degree program, BS /MS in biology as a junior.

As an undergraduate, I started taking graduate level courses during my junior year. The transition from undergraduate to graduate school was not as smooth as one might expect it to be. The critical part for me at the time was time management but learned to cope with it since graduate classes were in the evening.  The first thing that I noticed was that biology education at graduate level has more emphasis on sharing and ongoing discussions in the research field. For example, taking bioinformatics course with Dr. Bazinet has enhanced my knowledge on how computer technology can be utilized to get the information stored in databases in finding cures for different diseases.

Additionally, scientific articles’ discussion from top tier journals allows the students to understand the mechanisms involved at molecular and cellular level. In communication skills in life sciences course taught by Dr. Jacob provides the tools to students on how to effectively communicate scientific knowledge, write critiques and present via seminars, hands on project and networking assignments.

Overall, students learn about lab techniques and how to apply them in real world. You really have to understand the theory and applications to be able to answer questions on the exam because you will not be given multiple choices.

I am truly happy with my decision on continuing my graduate studies here at St. John’s. I will be taking my last two courses and masters comprehensive exam in the spring. I am looking forward to graduate in May 2014.

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It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!

Nicollette P. Francis, Graduate Assistant, shared a reflection piece about her last semester at St. John’s University.  Best of luck Nicollette!

My last semester here at St. John’s University has been bittersweet. From attending final classes to taking comprehensive exams, it has yet to sink in that I will be preparing for life beyond school. In the year and semester of my program, it has been very fulfilling both with a combination of gathering thoughts on what I have learned and got out of my Criminology and Justice Program, and thinking of possible careers I may find of interest post graduate school. My overall experience with my graduate program at St. John’s was swift, informative, and has helped me to realize that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. I feel I have accomplished a great aspect in my life thus far and am proud of the results that have followed. I believe that making the decision to go to graduate school for my master’s degree was not one to regret and I strongly, encourage all those interested to follow through.  Although this semester has gone by pretty quickly, I believe I am prepared and anticipate success post St. John’s University.

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St. John’s vs. SF State

In St. John’s first exhibition game, they decided to toy with the hearts of the fans as they just squeeze by SF State 82-80 at home. Harrison bailed the team out scoring the go ahead bucket with 17 seconds remaining. He led the team with 29 points, and Rookie Rysheed Jordan showed up with 16. This may but a scare in some SJU Fans, but Senior TV/Film Major Patricia Holliday is ready to go. “It’s been said a million times but It Starts Now. Everyone’s expectations are high whether they’re loyal sjubb fans or just from around the country” said Holliday. “I’ve been compared to Mets fans, but I really believe this is our year to make it back to the NCAA tournament!”

Do not take too much weight in an exhibition game, it is a time for Coach Lavin to experiment with players and see what he wants to do when Wisconsin comes up on Nov. 8th. This year is going to be a huge disappointment for St. John’s if they do not make it to the tournament and do well, but after the last exhibition last night, hopefully the fans are as excited as I am about the upcoming season. The season kicks off on November 8th, and the home opener will be against Wagner on November 15!

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Fall Open House 2013

The 2013 Fall Open House was a success on Queens, Campus! Students from all over came to check out the beautiful campus! DJ Zeke was in attendance on the Great Lawn, pumping up the crowd after their campus tours and registrations! The Dance Team was on the Great Lawn too, even getting the crowd involved in a few dances. In Taffner Field House students could meet with Deans and other faculty to get a feel for their future majors, and picture their future here at St. John’s! The event was a complete success and we have another Open House coming in November if you missed this one! A video will be coming soon and check out some pictures below!





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A reflection piece…

Over the Columbus Day weekend, our blogger Colby came to the following three conclusions: Number one, her family back home will always be there for her even if it means coming from two hours away to see her. Number two, the friends you make at school become your second family (therefore making it totally okay if your family doesn’t come up for family weekend festivities). Last, number three, that college is all what you make it.  Read her blog to find out how she came to these conclusions! 

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School Psychology at St. John’s University

We have a guest blogger! Mark D. Terjesen, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs in School Psychology, shares his input about the program:

The field of school psychology continues to be identified as a “hot” career and the diversity of experiences that our program graduates receive while they are at St. John’s University, on their internship and eventually working in the field really offers a very broad, rewarding, career choice. The graduate program faculty are among the leaders in their field and the dialogue that occurs in the classroom and advisement not only serves to better train our students but also spur on the faculty to continue to develop their research and advance the field. Meeting and re-connecting with our program graduates at professional conferences and hearing of all their great accomplishments makes me glad that I chose this as a career and even more proud to be a faculty member in the psychology department at St. John’s University.


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