Luke DaMommio

Luke Damommio
Dallas, Texas
Management Major

St. John’s University Freshman Social Media Ambassador.

Photographer/Filmmaker and St. John’s Red Storm Fan.


Social Media Ambassador Fun 

Family Weekend

St. John’s University opened its doors to students’ family and friends for the university’s annual Family Weekend held from Friday, October 12, 2012 to Sunday, October 14, 2012. We decided to go around campus and ask parents, “Why was St. John’s University a good choice for your child?” Here are their responses:

The DaMommio Family

Dad: “We were very impressed with the campus and the facilities, the infrastructure and the counselors. All those things come together with a university atmosphere. The kids feel secure and you can be secure that your kids are safe.”

Mom: “And they’re safe. It’s a really safe campus. It’s kind of like a safe haven in the middle of, you know, the urban life.”

The Levitt Family

Dad: “For a couple reasons, the majors that he wanted and the majors that they offered with the expertise of being close to the big city. And the programs with the endowment money you get a chance to do a lot more research. And also for my son, it’s far enough away from home and is getting a chance to become independent and see what life is like after college. It’s close enough for us to come see him, not every weekend because it’s a seven-hour drive. But again, it’s far enough where he can become independent and learn things on his own.”

The German Family 

Mom: “He’s always wanted to be in New York City. It was a good opportunity for him to get his foot in and see what it’s like to be a “New-Yorker”

St. John’s Landscape

This page will be filled with pictures of St. John’s University Landscape. A beautiful campus, offers opportunities for beautiful pictures.


Open House

Videos and Pictures from St. John’s Open House 2012!

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