Alexis Minichini

Alexis Minichini
Long Island, NY
Psychology Major

My name is Alexis Minichini and I’m a freshman at STJ I’m a Scorpio and I was born and raised on Long Island. I’m majoring in Psychology, but I’m on the track to Medical School. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but in the end, there’s one motto I’ll always live by: I refuse to sink. I refuse to let the fact that things are going to get tough stop me from achieving my dreams and I plan on instilling that same hope to all of my readers through my blog.



Playing Catch-Up: Surviving Sandy

November 28, 2012

Before a few weeks ago, when someone said the name “Sandy,” they would think of the squirrel that lives under the sea from Spongebob. However, now when someone brings up Sandy, their memories have been replaced with a storm that changed the lives of many people…in some cases, forever.

Sandy was probably the worst storm I’ve ever experienced. I live on Long Island, Suffolk County specifically, which was one of the hardest hit places. I was home for the weekend, so I was there to experience first-hand the severity of the storm.

The day it hit was actually very warm and sunny in the morning. However, as the day continued on, the sky turned black, the wind raged, and the rain poured. Seeking shelter in the safety of my house, I was able to observe how the trees outside my window looked like rag dolls, being whipped back and forth by the hands of Sandy’s wrath. The rain pounded against my window, it too being thrown to and fro. And just like that, just like the sky, our house turned dark; we lost power. This is what really made the storm memorable for most people and for good reason.

I live with my grandmother, who has gas-powered stoves. My mother, however, has electric. While I was able to cook up a meal of Campbell’s soup and ramen, my mother, father, brother, and sister were stuck surviving on whatever inhabited the cabinets; chips, cookies, cereal, etc. I think this is what really made the storm difficult. So many people rely on technology in their everyday lives that without it, they’re lost. Most people’s main concern was charging their phone and would venture out, risking their lives, in search of a live outlet. While some people are without a home and lost loved ones, others are freaking out because their phone died. But as fast as the storm came, it left.

Oh, and what a ghost town that followed. My grandma and I decided to venture out to assess the damage the next morning. Most of the traffic lights were broken, so the roads were chaos, to say the least. We also went to grab a bite to eat at Denny’s which turned out to be a very disappointing trip. Not only was the wait a few hours, but the menu was extremely limited and the food offered was not good and overpriced!

In the end, though, I know it could have been MUCH worse. I am just thankful that my family and loved ones remained safe. The storm really made me appreciate what I have because in the blink of an eye it can be gone! Take nothing for granted because it will not last forever. Make memories to remember and be thankful for the little things in life. Until next time… <3

What I’m All About

September 2012

Hey, guys! Before I actually get started, I figured I would give you a glimpse into my head and give you an idea as to where my blogs are going to go. So, let’s get started!

First off, I love helping people and giving my advice; I’ve been through a lot in my 18, almost 19, years of life upon this orbiting planet, so it’s only fair that I share my experiences. Although I am just a wee freshman, I have been doing my research and I would like to say I have a good knowledge of what college life could be like, I’m just waiting for the experience portion.

Next, I love fashion, beauty, makeup, and all that girly, fun stuff. College kids are on a strangulating budget, so I would hope that I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you look great without making your wallet cry.

Home design is another one of my passions. Not just home design, though: home design, yet again, on a budget. I’ve actually implemented some of my own ideas into my dorm room now and my room feels just like home.

Lastly, I am just going to keep you updated on my experiences. What’s going on in my life, how college life is treating me, and everything in between. Having a first-hand look at anything is always good, right?

Therefore, I’ll end with saying that this is where I plan on going. I have so many exciting blogs in mind that I can’t even wait to get started! Well, I’m going to call it a night, for now. I have a morning class tomorrow and a math test, to boot. So, I need my thinking cap in full gear.

Until next time…

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