Colby Mrowka

Colby Mrowka

Colby Mrowka

My name is Colby Mrowka and I am a Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology major with a minor in Theology and Religious Studies. My dream is to work for a government agency dedicated to protecting our nation and it’s people. At St. John’s I am involved in many programs such as, intramurals, hall council and Criminal Justice Association. When I am not studying in the library or at a club meeting you can find me at any sporting event cheering for the RED STORM!



Columbus Day Weekend!

October 14, 2013

Three years ago, when I was looking for the right school for me, I knew for a fact that I did not want to go to a school where students pack up their things on the weekend and go home aka a “suitcase school”. This weekend, I truly put that quality I was looking for to the test.

Even as a junior I still miss my family, friends, and my amazingly adorable kitten Blanco who are all inconveniently located two hours back home.  On Monday, with the great people back home in mind, I asked myself if I wanted to go home for Columbus Day weekend. Wondering what might be going on over the long weekend on campus was enough for me to put off my decision until Thursday. Before I knew it, Thursday was over. My mom wanted to know if she should pick up the ingredients for my favorite meals and friends back home were already texting me to secure plans for the days to come.

That night, around 10:00 PM I made the call to my mom. “Mom, I want to stay at school this weekend.” I was already second guessing my decision by the time I hung up the phone but, the curiosity of what the three day weekend would hold in store was too much to pass up on.

My weekend officially started Friday after class. I headed straight to the DAC living room and cuddled up on the couch with nothing other than my laptop and soup (my favorite food) to celebrate. After hanging out for a bit, my friend and I decided to go to Java Johnnies. With no rush and nothing but time we were able to sit around and listen to the band play and get back massages from student “stressbusters.”  After our time at Java Johnnies, we made our way over to the volleyball game where we won both a St. John’s spirit towel and Underamour t-shirt.  To finish off my night, a group of my friends and I played a recreational softball game and got our first win of the season!

As for Saturday, I did what any right-minded college student would do…sleep in. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face! Around 2:00 that afternoon I took a walk around campus with some friends to get some fresh air. Unexpectedly, we ended up at the family weekend activities where we ate so much food! Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pretzels, sno-cones, baked potatoes, you name it! As if that wasn’t enough my friends and got the best wings courtesy of RedZone at the Volleyball game later that night. While at the game, I was asked if I wanted to take part in an event on the court in-between sets. Those who know me would know that I obviously said yes and I obviously won, a free St. John’s t-shirt for both me and my best friend to be specific, hahaha.  At the end of the St. John’s winning match, we had enough time to make it to the women’s soccer game and watch one of the best goal scorers in the country play for the Red Storm.

The baby that I am, I still managed to convince my mom and sister to come visit me on Sunday. They took the train and I took the Subway and we met at the Olive Garden in Times Square, my family’s favorite restaurant.  We ate, talked, laughed, and caught up on everything going on in our lives which could not have made me any happier.  After a long day in the city I came back to campus and played volleyball in the gym and watched Walking Dead with friends.

Now that my three day weekend is coming to an end with Monday solely dedicated to homework and studying I can truthfully say that I am happy I stayed on campus. This weekend I learned three valuable things. Number one, my family back home will always be there for me even if it means coming from two hours away to see me. Number two, the friends you make at school become your second family (therefore making it totally okay if your family doesn’t come up for family weekend festivities). Last, number three, that college is all what you make it. Had I have gone home this weekend I would watched TV and been online all day.  Being on campus, I made memories and had laughs that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Hey guys!

September 13, 2013

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Colby Mrowka and I am a junior studying Criminal Justice / Forensic Psychology here at St. John’s University. I was not always a St. John’s student. I attended Southern Connecticut State University my freshman year.  Dissatisfied with student involvement, degree programs, and alumni connections to my future job market, I decided to leave that school and transferred to STJ, my new home which had everything I was looking for.

Within the first two weeks at St. John’s University I found myself active involved all over campus and throughout my sophomore year at St. John’s my involvement only grew.  At the end of my sophomore year I was a member or my hall council, a participant in the LEAD program, elected secretary for Young Americans for Liberty, a student ambassador, and the brains behind St. John’s first ever Battle of the Buildings. On top of all of my extra-curricular activities I also was a basketball season ticket holder who avidly attended and supported the Red Storm! Academically, I finished the year with a 3.5 GPA, a spot on the Dean’s List, and the satisfaction of having completed eleven classes.

As of two weeks ago I am officially a junior. I intended to continue to stay actively involved in campus this year just like the year before. However, this year I intend to become not only involved with campus activities but with my community through various community service opportunities. One service opportunity I plan to partake in is the Campus Ministry midnight runs, where you prepare and distribute meals to those in need. A big part at St. John’s University is its dedication to service. By serving my community I want to not only help others but become a well rounded and modest person.

Hey future Johnnies!

March 18, 2013

This weekend has been absolutely nuts! I began my weekend at Madison Square Garden at the Big East Career Fair. With my dreams of working for the government and protecting our country I was eager to meet the C.I.A. Dressed in business attire (of course), I walked up to their table filled with confidence that I was the best candidate there. With two years left to go at St. John’s I didn’t exactly get a job but I did get an internship offer! How cool is that?!?!

On Saturday I did what any Irish/American would do…go to the parade in the city! A few friends and I began our trip to the city around 11:00 a.m. and got off the subway at Bryant Park. As Connecticut natives we began to walk downtown all the way to 30th …THE PARADE WAS UPTOWN!!! So, a walk through Times Square, a McDonald’s break, and a subway ride later we found ourselves all the way up to 69th. There we cheered and waved at all the brave Irish march through the snow. Especially our very own St. John’s University, we were the loudest ;).  Now it is Sunday, time to relax!

Tonight I am going to mass at St. Thomas Moore Church and then watching the Walking Dead with friends in my building. Once you come to St. John’s, located in the greatest city on earth, every weekend will be as awesome as mine!

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