Tralee McElroy

Tralee McElroy
Pawling, New York
Business Management major

My name is Tralee McElroy. I am from Pawling, New York, which is about an hour and a half upstate. I am 20 years old; almost 21 and I have two siblings, a younger brother and older sister. I am a Business Management major and I plan on graduating in 2014, but I want to receive my MBA in the 5 year program so I could be totally finished with school in 2015. My parents own two fitness centers, so I have always been involved in Business management and grew up loving and living working out and eating healthy. I love sports; watching and playing and St. John’s is a great place for me with the Division one athletics! I really enjoy school and can’t wait to continue to learn and strive forward.


Accepted Student Day, Internship recap, and more!

April 16, 2013

This has been a very busy and eventful past semester. With only a few weeks left to go and finals right around the corner, it has gone by very quickly. On Sunday, April 14th, was the Accepted Students Day.  It was an exciting day to “Discover St. John’s.” With over a thousand accepted students in attendance, they were able to visit different countries all on St. John’s campus. With different food carts representing different countries, students were able to stamp their passport (that they received when they registered) and when they went to different countries like Paris and ate crepes or Rome and had pizza, their passports were stamped. It was a unique experience while visiting St. John’s. Studying aboard and doing the Discover the World program is very popular at our school and it is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of while attending school. I hope many of the accepted students that were at the event on Sunday got a good feeling from their visit and choose to come to St. John’s.  I love St. John’s and am so happy that I transferred here and am such a part of such a fun and prestigious school.

Today, April 16th was actually my last day working at my internship, Only Make Believe Organization. While working at this internship, it was such a wonderful experience and I am so happy that St. John’s gave me the opportunity and knowledge to accept this position. I learned so much about fundraising, marketing, sponsorships and proposal grants and non-profit work. I am truly going to miss going into the city twice a week, dressing up, working with my co-workers and really feeling a part of a team. It makes me excited to actually work in the real world and have a career. St. John’s has really prepared me to become such a successful person. Everything you need and want in a school is at St. John’s, whether it is academically, socially, or athletically. New York City has so much to offer and being a part of the metropolitan area is a wonderful resource to take advantage of. I encourage all potential and current students to take advantage of everything St. John’s has to offer. As a student you have to work hard to have what you want accomplished and St. John’s prepares you and teaches you all that you need to know. It is just up to you to grasp it and run.

With only a few weeks left, there is still so much that is going to happen on campus. My favorite week, spring week is coming up. I am excited for the carnival, step show, and concert. We still do not know who is coming for our concert, but I am sure it is going to be so much fun. The next few weeks will be very fun but also very stressful with finals. The end of the year is vastly approaching, but I have to take advantage of all the time that I have left as a junior and with my close friends!

Spring at St. John’s

March 5, 2013

As we enter in the month of March, there is only two a half months of school left. I cannot believe how fast this semester has already gone by. As excited as I am to be finished and go into summer, it is sad to think that after this, I may only have one more year of college left. I have to let these last two months of my junior year be fun and exciting. We just came back from spring break, which was very early this year. I was in Florida with my family and I did not want to come back to the cold weather of New York. The break was so short and went by so quick; it felt like a tease and a little taste of summer. But, here in New York, spring should be arriving soon which brings not only warm weather but a lot of fun events on campus.

My favorite season is spring and I love it at St. Johns. The campus is beautiful and fully landscaped with flowers and greenery! All the students come out of the buildings and residence halls and all gather outside on the Great Lawn and throughout campus. My favorite part of the spring semester is the week of the concert, the carnival, and all the fun outside activities! This year, I am not sure yet who is performing at our spring concert, but no matter what, it is always a good time to all gather together as a community. The carnival is always so much fun, going on rides or eating the popcorn and cotton candy. Just to be outside in warm weather and soak up the sun while lying in the grass is a fun and relaxing time.

With my favorite sport in action, baseball, I can’t wait to go to games on campus! As well as root for my other New York team, The NY Yankees! This season, I may be able to receive discounted tickets to the NY Yankees at the Campus Concierge on campus. They are always giving away free or discounted tickets to professional sports games or other fun act ivies to do in New York City.   I cannot wait for this cold weather to leave and for spring to begin. The next two months will be probably very stressful with classes and work, but will be very much anticipated with all of these fun-filled events!

Start of 2013

January 25, 2013

Being back at school for the second semester is a very exciting and anxious time. I am ready to get back into the grove of things, for classes to begin, meet new people, and enjoy my time as a second semester junior. It is also a very anxious time because I do not know what to except from my classes and my teachers, and I have high expectations for myself. I did well last semester and now I would only want to do the same or better, but with the classes that I am enrolled in, I am a little scared.

I am also starting an internship this semester at a non-profit organization called Only Make Believe that helps children that are chronically ill by performing theater in hospitals by trying to free the child’s imagination. I will be working more on the fundamental aspects of the foundation like data entries, sponsorships, grant proposals, and fundraising. I am very excited to start interning, traveling into the city twice a week, and really gaining a lot of knowledge that I would not learn in the classroom. St. John’s does a great job of giving every student the opportunity and encouragement of doing an internship and getting the most out of one’s college experience. I am always getting e-mails from the Tobin College of Business about new internships I could be applying to for this semester and next. St. John’s also has a very helpful website called career link, which shows all internships in the area in which you wish. St. John’s only wants the best for its students and I feel privileged to be attending such a respected college. I feel lucky to be at St. John’s and how much it has allowed me to experience and learn so far.

This spring semester and the new year of 2013 is going to be insightful, knowledgeable, and well rounded from the classroom, to the internship, to exploring more of the city and everyday life experiences. I am ready to start getting into more of a routine with my classes, getting to know my teachers and classmates, and learning more about my internship and what I have to do. This semester is going to be busy, probably stressful, but I am ready to learn more and be very productive.

St. John’s Men’s Basketball team at MSG

December 09, 2012

One of the biggest sports at St. John’s is Men’s Basketball. Being a huge sports fan and loving St. John’s athletics, I always go to the games, ever since freshman year. Last year, as a sophomore, I bought season tickets for Men’s basketball, which allows me to have all the tickets in advance and allows me to sit in the student section, which is crazy and loud with hyper students. I bought season tickets this year, as well. So far, there has been a few home and away games, but as one of New York’s team, St. John’s home court is at Madison Square Garden, as well as our home court on campus, Carnesecca Arena.

This past Saturday night was the first game at Madison Square Garden vs. Fordham University. The game started at 7pm and as my friends and I piled into the garden, it was already loud and vibrant with Fordham students and then the loud population of St. John’s students and families. Being a student season ticket holder, my seats are behind the basket and are literally on the court. They are amazing seats; I am right up close and personal to the players and coaches.

As the game rolls on, St. John’s and Fordham are neck and neck, going back and forth with shots, fouls, and blocks. With the crowd getting loud and hype, St. John’s begins to pull away from Fordham at the end of the game. In the student section, we have chants and phrases that we shout when things happen in the game and so throughout the game, we scream and shot for our St. John’s team. There is so much school spirit and I love going to the games; especially sitting in the student section. All the students come together, wearing red, all blending together to cheer on our Men’s basketball team.

St. John’s won the game, 57-48 and one of our players, Chris Obekpa broke the school record of blocks, rejecting eleven in this Fordham game. I love watching basketball in general, but watching your classmates, peers, and even friends play at such high levels is awesome. The best part is seeing St. John’s basketball promoted all over Times Square. St. John’s is New York’s team and it is an amazing feeling to be a part of it.

Christmas time at St. John’s University 

December 09, 2012

Christmas Time is my favorite time of year. It has always been a strong holiday in my family with everyone coming together and appreciating each other’s presence.  At St. John’s University, no matter what race, ethnicity, or religion, as a school and a community, we all come together during the Holidays. During the holiday season, St. John’s has a week long of events of holiday and Christmas themed events, from Carolers, hot chocolate and cookies, to our annual Christmas tree lighting and fireworks show.

The Christmas tree lighting and fireworks show is my favorite part. This event happens on our famous “central park”, which we call the Great Lawn. There is the Christmas tree, Christmas lights of red and green, stage where our Choir sings, while food is being given out like popcorn and hot pretzels. The show begins at 8pm and begins with the Choir singing famous songs and tunes. It sets the mood for the holiday season. After the Choir sings, we have the countdown to the lighting of our Christmas tree. It is similar to the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center, except St. John’s has it own twist, which makes it even better.

After the lighting of the tree, fireworks begin to go off and light up the sky. The fireworks this year was amazing. All you hear the whole time is “awe” and “wow” from the surrounding students, families, and children. As the fireworks were going off, I looked around and saw little kids wrapped around their parents, friends staring up at the sky together, and people in a relationship holding each other tight. It made me realize how much I love St. John’s and the holiday season. I truly appreciate the time, money, and effort St. John’s put in this one-hour event of holiday cheer was a magical night.

Fall 2012 Semester

November 26, 2012

I did not know what to expect coming into this 2012 school year. I knew classes were going to be harder because I am taking more classes that are part of my major and this semester, I live off campus and I did not know how it was going to be not living on campus.  I loved living on campus but so far, living off campus has given me more independence and responsibility, which I have actually enjoyed. Classes this semester has been more challenging, but manageable. All of my classes relate to my major, which is Management. Management of Operations, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Ethical Business, and Managerial Accounting are the classes I am taking this semester and as hard as they are, I love taking classes related to business because it makes me think of my future and what I want in life. So far, I am doing really well in my classes, but with only a few weeks left, it is crunch time until finals. I just need to stay on top of all of my studies and manage my time. With that, the semester should end well with a good GPA and when I look back I will know I studied hard, did my best, and had fun!

A transfer student’s experience…

November 20, 2012

I transferred from a very small school in Newport, Rhode Island called Salve Regina University. Within the first week, I knew that it was not the school for me and restarted my search for a college for me. I knew I wanted Division One athletics, a good Business program, a diverse community, and for the school to be located in a busy populated area. These attributes are the total opposite of Salve Regina. I did my research and I knew I wanted to be in the New York area, in order to be close to home. St. John’s University came upon my list of schools to visit and I am so happy it did. I walked on St. John’s campus and immediately fell in love. The campus is beautiful and the metropolitan location was something I really wanted. The Division one athletics, the accredited Business school, very diverse community, and Catholic Vincentian were all things that helped me fall in love with St. John’s. I knew St. John’s was the school for me right when I walked onto campus and saw all the beautiful buildings, the Great Lawn, and the Residence Halls.

The Transfer application Process was very easy and quick. I applied online and it was very understandable and applicable. I attended an Onsite Admission Day where I received my admission decision on the spot. It was nerve-racking, but it was a very organized event and lucky, I was accepted. All of my credits transferred except for one. It was an English credit that did not transfer, not because of my grade, but because it did not match up with St. John’s English 1000C. I was lucky enough that my grades were good and classes were transferable. The application process overall was very manageable and much more straightforward and accommodating than other transfer applications.

My academic experience has been very valuable and favorable at St. John’s University. My Deans at the Tobin College of Business have been very helpful with my classes and striving towards my major and the Five-year MBA program. All of my classes so far this semester have been difficult but obtainable and all my professors are very understanding and knowledgeable in their field. Some classes are obviously more challenging than others, but all balance out to be a good balance and are achievable to receive a satisfying grade. I am very happy with my academic experience at St. John’s so far. I know St. John’s will help me become a better, more well rounded person, academically and socially.

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