Matthew Lundy

Meet Matthew Lundy

Government and Politics Major

My name is Matthew Lundy. I am from the great state of Ohio (Cincinnati). I am senior with two other siblings who attend college in other states. I am a government and politics major and I am on track to graduate this May. My mother always stressed the importance of being politically involved and through her travels brought the world into our home. This is what drove me towards the study of international relations and STJ has helped pushed me further into the study; recently I have been lobbying for an NGO at the UN whose main representative to the UN is a STJ alumnus. Personal fitness is also very important to me as a hobby, stress reliever, and a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Taffner filed house, the workout center and numerous STJ club sports have been great resources for me. I really enjoy the lifestyle and atmosphere STJ promotes!

Diversity Week

March 18th – 22nd

Last week the Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) put on a program each day to celebrate diversity at STJ. The first day they gave out free cupcakes to any students who would fill out a small puzzle piece with an image or words that describe their meaning of diversity. The end result was a giant puzzle of diversity.

On the second day there was a women’s empowerment T-shirt making. Girls and guys were encouraged to make t-shirts with up-lifting messages or words of thanks to a special woman in their life. The event was also catered by Dunkin Doughnuts!

For the third day the DPEs took over Merrillac Terrace and provided paint and mini canvasses for students to describe diversity through paint. We might not have a lot of art majors at STJ but the canvasses turned out great. The event was also accompanied by a chocolate fountain for the less artistic.

On the fourth day the DPEs held various workshops on the social, professional, and pop culture dimensions of diversity and how we are influenced and how we influence these different dimensions of diversity.

On the fifth and final day the DPEs held an Easter Egg painting for all STJ students. Diversity Week made midterms week a lot better!


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Back to School 

January 25, 2013

With the first (partial) week of classes finished I can not even explain how great it is to be back! Its nice going home and being with family but eventually you start to miss STJ and not just the college life but the people who make it up; great professors, administrators, staff, and of course friends and classmates. Welcome back STJ! Hard to think it will be my last semester!

Its Soo Cold!

January 27, 2013

The weekend is supposed to be a time to relax but with the temperature in the teens its impossible to do! Luckily here at STJ we didn’t have to venture outside for a good time! Friday the DAC coffee house was open with live music and free Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, hot coco, and pastries. Saturday Carnesecca Arena was filled with fencing match after fencing match and for the big STJ basketball fans the men’s team played today at Madison Square Gardens. You could even stay warm in DAC and watch the lacrosse team brave the cold for a win. Of course the gym is always an option too.

Project AIM Thanksgiving Dinner

November 16, 2012

I can not believe how much food was at this event! As a Diversity Peer Educator I was able to help out with the food and I alone carved two out of the six turkeys we had! The event had close to 400 people attend who were waiting for some good food and entertainment. The performances were amazing; ASA, PARE, and CSA were just a few of the organizations who performed either a cultural dance or song. As if dinner wasn’t good enough dessert was a mix of pie, chocolate mouse cake, ice cream, and cupcakes. It was a real Thanksgiving feast and I know a lot of the students who are too far to go home or are internationals really appreciated the good old STJ warmth.

International Education Week

November 12, 2012

Lobbing at the United Nations throws you into a lot of great international discussions, today STJ participated in what I think is one of the most important, International Education Week.  Chris Bashinelli was invited to speak at STJ to help students find their voice and be humbled by the hurdles others face when trying to attain simple education. Chris recently had the opportunity to moderate the International Day of Peace and brought the messages of Jane Goodall and Ban Ki-moon, who he meet personally, on the benefits of basic education. Chris has recently taken hold of his life and started a TV show on PBS that focuses on disenfranchised minorities around the world. Going all the way to Tanzania and to the reservations of the United States Chris has meet with minority groups who can honestly say that basic education is all they need to better their positions in life. Within hours he created a bond with the people of these communities by putting himself in their shoes then find out not what they need but how we can help them attain it for sustainability. Its amazing to have the opportunity to join an international discussion at STJ.

Red (snow) Storm’n

November 7, 2012

As if the recent Hurricane wasn’t bad enough STJ was hit last night by a massive snow storm! It started at around 2pm and was still snowing by the time I was fast asleep (12am). Sure, it was cold and yeah, it was wet but in true STJ fashion we pushed through it with class and activates still on schedule. I returned beat from a day of class and work beat but the freshmen sure didn’t.

In the freshmen quad there was an epic flash snowball fight between what appeared to be Hollis Hall and Desilva Hall! The snow turned out to be just what we needed since all classes were in overdrive from missed school and Thanksgiving break loomed on the horizon. It was a boost of moral to watch the battle as I dodged my way to Hollis Hall…but it was still way to cold for me to participate! Class was rough the next day but all the snowmen that scattered campus made it a bit easier.

Little Monsters

October 26, 2012

Today I had the exhausting fun of taking care of about 40 lower grammar school kids along with Project A.I.M., Diversity Peer Educators, Phi Lambda Sigma, and Walgreens. Our plan was to give these kids a bunch of candy and paint (for pumpkin painting) great idea! Once the candy hit their systems the paint made it from the pumpkins to my arm! It was really a great time and Walgreens did a phenomenal job with making brushing your teeth and flossing after eating candy fun.

STJ Week of Welcome

August 28, 2012

I always look forward to the week of welcome; great events (Twilight Carnival and Foam party are my favorite), great food, and new/old friends. This week I have literally not paid for food at all! STJ has provided free food for almost every meal everyday and not just Pizza and burgers. Also I have been given enough free STJ swag to cloth me for a good 4 days!

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