Praneeta Nagraj

Looking to the future


Thanksgiving break was both fun and relaxing. Because my family and I were going out of town for a wedding on Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I ended up eating so much! And, as usual, we all ended up taking naps after too. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to a family friend’s wedding in a city called Corpus Christi, which is about an eight hour drive from my house. Although Corpus Christi is the more beachie, southern part of Texas it got into the 20s and 30s on Black Friday!

I intended to get up to go shop and get a camera way early in the morning, but ended up sleeping in a little bit instead. Oops The wedding itself was a really good time! I enjoyed being with family and friends back home again after so long. Only two more weeks until winter break! *** Have you ever thought you lost something then get confused about where you could have left it and end up searching everywhere? Yeah, me too. But whenever I lose something, I remember what my 6th grade social studies teacher told me, “Whenever you lose something, it’s usually always right under your nose.” Is it not that the truth? The other day I was frantically searching for my keys because I went to go eat at Monty’s (the dining hall) and then print a paper in Sullivan Hall. I assumed I had kept my room keys in my clutch purse as usual only to find that they weren’t there when I went back to my suite. After calling Public Safety and then going all-over campus, I went to my room with my suitemate’s keys only to find my keys sitting on the table. Grrrreeat hahaha. It always makes me laugh at myself after.

Lately, I have been fortunate in running into and meeting some great people on campus. Professor Joan P. Ball, a marketing professor on the Staten Island campus, is one such person. I met her last spring at the Women in Leadership conference when I attended one of her workshops. Even then, I found her to be a motivating and inspiring individual. This week, she conducted another workshop for Women in Leadership. Her workshop this time around consisted of getting us to think about the future in a way most college students do not. She asked some extremely important questions that most college students hate to think about and normally do not have the answers to. And that is, drum roll please: Your life and all things considered—personal, family, career, and spiritual, and how you would like to live in the future with all these things considered. Why is this so difficult to answer?

Most college students are so focused on their careers and tend to have goals that are career driven. What happens when all of a sudden it is time to start a family? Some things will have to be sacrificed or plans may have to change because what we thought we wanted to do may not be the best decision to make anymore. She also asked us how we pictured our futures by asking, “do you see yourselves married–with children or no children? What personal goals do you have for yourself? How can you see it all piece together?” Professor Ball said it herself, she was not there to solve all of our problems or have us create a blueprint for our lives in 45 minutes. She simply wanted to get us thinking about our futures and where we want to go with it and goals for each of the four categories (personal, family, career, and spiritual). After all, knowing our own goals and where we want to go in life can only ease things when choosing a life partner and helping our future in general. It was a general consensus with everyone who attended the workshop that the kinds of questions she asked were questions we have thought about but usually “push off for later” for various reasons. Plus, with everything we do as college students, I never really knew how to start planning even though I have thought about everything before.

At the workshop, we were told to grab 5 sheets of paper. Four papers were to consist of three goals we have for each category: personal, family, career, and spiritual. The final sheet was then how does it all fit together and depicting it on the last sheet. It was interesting to see how everyone depicted their lives, some drew time lines, others drew pictures (with the little house and everything), some drew abstract spirals, and others charts/graphs. I left mine blank. I wanted to keep mine open for the future and did not see a definite way to depict my entire life on a piece of paper. I’d like to say it was my own artistic expression. I am so glad I went to her workshop. I remember thoroughly enjoying her workshop last year, and this year has been no different. I like the fact that she keeps herself very accessible to students in general. Even though I will not ever take a marketing class during my time at St. John’s, I am very happy to have met a professor who is willing to and actually wants to reach out to every student and help them outside the classroom. I hope to keep in touch with her over the years. Even as a marketing professor, she is also an author and has a book about her life journey entitled Flirting with Faith that was recently published. I look forward to reading it this break.

Here’s something random for you: Ever heard Lady Gaga’s song “Alejandro”? Well, I met him! Maybe not actually him, but while I was studying in DAC I met a guy who’s name is Alejandro and he is from Spain! What a coincidence? Gaga’s song immediately began to play in my head. After traveling to Madrid and Toledo when I was fourteen, Spain has become my favorite place to visit and I am so excited to go back and get the chance to live in Spain for 5 weeks next semester when I study abroad!! Don’t worry; I’ll be blogging all about it next semester. Alejandro is from Madrid. As soon as he told me he was, we immediately began reminiscing on all the fun things to do in Madrid. It’s a lively city, like NYC, but filled with Spanish culture. Even though I will be living in Salamanca next semester, I am bound to make a trip out to Madrid. Alejandro assured me that Salamanca is a fun place to be and that there are a lot of things to do, but I was never too worried about that to begin with. After going to my pre-departure orientation this weekend, I have become increasingly more anxious to go. I cannot wait to travel back to Spain and get some churros con chocolate! :)

When it’s Cold Outside…


Since it has been getting increasingly colder, I have been more inclined to stay indoors and snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate. And that’s pretty much what happened this weekend. It was filled with staying in, eating chocolate, and watching movies with my suitemates. After being out of town and just all-around city over the past two weekends, I just wanted to relax this weekend. And I wasn’t alone in doing so either!

After classes Friday, some friends and I stopped by the Java Johnnies Coffeehouse from 5-7 p.m. as always, but soon after I went back to my room to take a short nap only to wake up two-and-a-half hours later. Oops, I slept through dinner. I woke up and saw that most of suitemates were still in the suite and we just started talking about random things and picking on each other as usual. We especially made fun of one of suitemates who tends to fall asleep at any time of day and always on our common room couch when she has a comfortable bed in her room.

After making myself a cup of noodles—a must have for every college student by the way- my suitemates and I decided to watch a movie. Soon after I finished my noodles, we made a trip to the C-store on campus to get anything and everything chocolate. Even though it was cold, I got myself chocolate ice cream with fudge brownies inside—so yummy! We came back and decided to watch She’s the Man in our common room. We had all watched the movie before, but I never knew much I loved the movie until I watched it again. It is now definitely on my favorite movies to watch list.

Friday night was just what I needed, the perfect relaxing girls’ night :) Today was Open House for prospective students and as a Student Ambassador, I had the opportunity to give people who came to the school their very first tour (or at least a tour) of campus and share my own experiences with all the students and families who came to the school. Since this was my second Open House as a Student Ambassador, I was more familiar with how things would work. I met some very sweet families and some very promising students. I was glad I was able to help, even if just a little bit, in their decision making process of deciding to apply or attend St. John’s. I gave a few personal tours for families who missed the main tours and thoroughly enjoyed catering the tours to their needs and giving them any information they wanted. I met some truly enthusiastic and excited prospective students for fall of next year and I hope I helped in answering their questions!

I remember what it was like trying to figure out a school that would be the best fit for me and my future, and can relate to what it must be like for them. Who knows, maybe I will get to see some of those seniors on campus in the fall next year?

All of the Ambassadors ended up eating a late lunch because we had to wait until open house ended and all the balloons were taken down, but the food was so good I didn’t mind. After traveling all over campus to give multiple tours and go to various spots around campus to help out in the cold weather, I am ready for a good long nap. I always joke about how gaining the “freshman 15” is not really an issue on this campus only because we were built on an old golf course- walking around campus is a work out in and of itself. I guess that explains why I am so tired haha. Only one more week until Thanksgiving! I’m so glad to be going home to Texas. After I come back, there are only two weeks left! This semester is really just flying by.

People, Culture, and Europe!


I cannot believe I am going to Europe next semester. I cannot wait! Studying abroad during college has been a mini-dream of mine even before applying to colleges, and to see it turn into a reality is an awesome thing! When I went into work on campus Saturday morning, everything was pretty slow and there was only one main event going on for the day. So when I walked in, I saw my co worker watching a soap opera of some sort only to find out 30 seconds later that it was a Telenovela (Spanish soap opera)!! Why am I so excited? I absolutely love Spanish and try, even today, to converse in Spanish whenever I can so I do not ever forget how to speak the language. We sat there for the next two hours watching “Aurora.” And believe it or not, I actually didn’t think this one was so over the top—I mean some Telenovelas are, but hey—ever seen Bold in the Beautiful? Nothing gets weirder than that American soap opera. Plus, growing up watching Indian soap operas where every action replay of a suspenseful moment happens with three repetitive shots, I feel confident in saying that I have definitely seen over the top.

In middle school, I had a wonderful Spanish teacher who helped me to truly appreciate the language and culture—in fact, my friends from middle school and I still keep in touch with her. In spite of not being Hispanic or native to the language in any way, she spoke the language as if she had been speaking it her whole life. We always joked around with her various things and she was also one of the teachers that went with us to Europe for two weeks for our 8th grade trip. Even though she is married now and has a different last name, I still will always call her and know her as Senorita Holt.

Two things that really fascinate and intrigue me in life are culture and people. I feel inspired when I am surrounded by people and culture from various backgrounds, and truly enjoy the diversity and understanding how others view the world. Living in New York (especially here in Queens), is the perfect place to experience such diversity. Even though I am usually one to strike up conversation, I also like to observe and people watch. If you ever get a chance, try people watching at Times Square—it is actually entertaining haha.

One time, while a group of friends and I were sitting on the steps, we saw a guy who was dressed up like Zorro. Everyone thought he was dressed like that so others could take pictures with him and he could get tips, only to find out that he was legitimately dressed like that for whatever reason haha. We were so confused.

Recently, I have been browsing the internet and hearing about Pharmacies in Europe and how they are much different from Pharmacies here. According to those who went to study abroad before, Pharmacists are given a greater role in the health care field than they are in the States. For example, they are allowed to prescribe medication. I knew medicine in general is much more advanced in Europe, but I look forward to seeing how the role of Pharmacist is different in Europe first hand. Who knows? Maybe one day I can work as a Pharmacist in Europe.

As excited as I am to go to Europe, I can’t help but also be a bit anxious and nervous. I’m at least thankful that I have found a group to travel around with while in Europe and that I know my roommate. Hopefully planning travel plans, preparing for classes, and packing everything is not too bad! For now, I am trying to immerse myself in the cultures and languages of the three main places I will be living in. Since I am doing the Discover the World Program, I will be in Paris, France; Salamanca, Spain; and then Rome, Italy each for five weeks at a time. I hope it’s worth it!

“Two Weeks!”


It feels so good to be back! After having an extremely relaxing and travel filled summer, I feel rejuvenated and ready to be back. I wondered whether I would end up missing home much, much more than I did freshman year after spending so much time with everyone back home this summer. Although, I was really sad to leave, once I hit campus I realized I was ready to be back.

After freshman year ended, we all said we would keep in touch, but we did but not nearly as much as we thought we would. Seeing each other after so long only meant we had loads to talk about and get excited for. Move-in day was still crazy even though it overall felt faster and more organized since we had all been through it before. Before coming back to school, my roommates and I talked about the school year ahead of us and could not wait for the first “two weeks.” We weren’t sure what would happen after, but we knew we at least have the first two weeks venture out into places and do anything because we would have time.

So the first two weeks it was. We were out and about whenever we could manage and also got all of our important back to school things done. One weekday night, we went to Barnes and Nobel’s just down the street trying to find planners and ended up getting board games and all kinds of random things. Instead of finding my planner for the semester, I actually ended up finding my planner for Spring 2011! It is called “Do It Later: A 2011 Planner (or Non-Planner) for the Creative Procrastinator.” Inside it has all kinds of random pages dispersed throughout to keep me occupied and of course, procrastinating. Not the greatest way to start year two of Pharmacy school is it? Haha.

On the weekends, I made it a point to stop by the D’Angelo Center for the Live, Love, Learn events every Saturday afternoon. I had a picnic with a couple of my friends on a Saturday afternoon one weekend, and decorated my very own St. John’s bag a different weekend. Most of the time, I was working the events but I always got off early enough to hang out at the events.

The first two weeks really have just flown by and it has been so much fun. I met a lot more people this year and I think that’s what surprises me the most! The only thing I didn’t do was make a trip out to the city, but that is bound to happen soon enough. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester and hope it’s a good one.

Spring time craziness!!


“April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.” -Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

This time of year is always crazy with the semester coming to a close so soon. There’s so much left to do in so little time! Sometimes I feel a little like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland who‘s constantly running behind schedule. But in all this craziness, I have managed to enjoy my time left and make the most of it.

I know there has been a long gap since my last blog, but I have a perfectly good explanation for that and that is because of my “mini-vacation.” I have had the wonderful opportunity to go back home to Texas again after Spring Break with the Office of admissions for a prospective student reception. I was surprised to see so many new and excited faces. I first went home for the weekend before heading out to Houston on Tuesday morning. It was so great to be home again! Spending time with family back home is something I miss. At home I ate so incredibly much! I helped myself to four plates of food for dinner lol. I guess I missed my mom’s food that much! It was also nice just being able to relax at home. My mom, younger sister, and me spent Saturday hooked on watching dance shows on DVR until about 3 a.m. haha…On Monday night, my younger sister took me out with her and her friends to go to the YMCA she goes to every Monday for their workout—she took me to a Zumba class. I never thought it would be so much fun! It was a little silly to me at first but we were having a blast and it was actually a good workout too.

When I got to Houston on Tuesday, the weather was perfect! I was both excited and anxious about the reception and hoped to help answer most if not all of their questions. The reception was held at Thw Awty International School and ended up going extremely well! I remember exactly what I felt when sat in the same seats as all of the students and their parents. It was exciting but still confusing, and I didn’t really know what specific questions to ask about. Olivia Schum, the admissions counselor in charge, did most of the presenting and discussion. Then the students got to see my perspective as current student as well as one St. John’s alumnus from the Houston area, Matt, who spoke about his time in New York. I was so glad to see an interest to come to St. John’s for so many out-of-state students like myself. We ended up staying later to stay back and answer questions, which always is a good sign and I am still receiving great questions from the students I met at the reception. I hoped all three of us in some way helped to really answer their questions and address their concerns.

After the reception, Olivia and I went to Tasty D’Lite, which ironically is a New York frozen yogurt company with branches in Houston now too! It was my first time trying it, but definitely not my last! I never thought cookie-dough frozen yogurt would be so good! Overall, the reception was a completely brand new experience for me and I am glad so many prospective students showed such great interest in learning more about the school. After coming back from my trip, campus has just gotten more active as the days go by in April.

The night before I went to Texas, I celebrated Relay for Life (the fight against cancer) at St. John’s for the first time, which was an unforgettable experience. This week is Spring Week! Today, as the end of Spring Week is the Spring fling, which is basically carnival with rides and free food!! Later tonight is a J. Cole/Ryan Leslie concert too! True fact: J. Cole is a St. John’s alumni. Since I work for Event Management Staff, I actually have to work both these events and will basically be working all day long :/…But, I will be sure to still enjoy my time and take as many breaks possible. They have had a small Ferris wheel and Aladdin “magic carpet” themed ride on the Great Lawn since Wednesday…I can’t wait until it starts! I can’t believe how fast this semester is going by. We’re so close to finals which only mean summer!!!! I don’t think that many would disagree when I say everyone is relieved and happy about the first day of summer vacation. I am so excited to live with my suitemates next semester, glad I got the classes I wanted for next semester, and am looking forward to summer already.

“There’s no place like hope”—Kobe Yamada 


The keynote speaker of the event was a motivational speaker from Wisconsin by the name of Paul Wesselmann. For being 8:30 in the morning, St. John’s could not have chosen a better speaker. He was extremely enthusiastic and energetic about his life’s work as a speaker and inspired all of us early in the morning. He kept it interactive with hilarious YouTube videos and sharing an ice breaker he created that went wrong at a summer camp because he handed out 100 leaves of poison ivy hahaha—major oops there.

After breakfast I went to my first session called about living from the heart conducted by Professor Joan Ball (a marketing professor). She was absolutely wonderful. This session wasn’t designed to give us a step-by-step plan but to make us think about aligning and living out our passions and work and doing so effectively throughout life. It was a definite reality check about how many times it comes down to choosing between what’s practical and our passions. It was definitely my favorite session, and just learning about her life and how long it took her to finally re-discover her passion for teaching after graduating with an bachelors degree in economics and working in public relations for seventeen years. If you are planning on being a business major, I can tell you that the very least that as a professor she is extremely passionate about teaching and treating her students as unique individuals. She even has a book coming out in May as well, called Flirting with Faith, which I found very unusual for a Marketing Professor.

The next session I went to was a session on “A Winning Attitude” by Rosa Yen, Associate Director of Leadership Development & Multicultural Affairs. Ms. Yen was so sweet and her attitude is commendable! I could not agree with her more on the fact that having a positive attitude goes a long way and how it spreads to others like wildfire. I enjoyed her response to the question, “what do you think about before you go to sleep at night?” She answered that after running through everything she has to do the next day (as a reminder)…she takes the time to be thankful for everything and everyone in her life. Although it may not be anything new, many people in the room and I have met do not realize how much being thankful truly helps better our attitudes throughout any stage of life. After this session, it was lunchtime!

We had a wide array of Italian food :). During lunch, Paul began to speak about a project he started called, “The Ripples Project.” If you are a quote person, like me, then I’m sure on Monday mornings you would appreciate an inspirational quote. You can subscribe to his weekly quote for free at I just thought I’d share the words of wisdom with all of you as well.

When it was time to break out for the third session, the unexpected happened. Me and my friend who is a graduate assistant at St. John’s walked passed a door on the second floor covered with signs saying, “Audition!” After we set our stuff down in the session, we walked back out to see what it was all about. Apparently, a group of juniors and graduating seniors were working on a short film to put into AFI (the American Film Festival) and were holding auditions for both walk-ins and set audition times. We decided to have a walk in audition. I did do theatre for three years of high school and enjoy performing in general, plus it’s just cool to try something new—especially because I had never done a filmed audition before.

We both decided to audition just for kicks. It was spontaneous and we had time to kill. I have no idea what will happen, but at least we had fun, and I believe they did too! Later on in the evening, some friends and I decided to check out this famous café I have been wanting to go to called Panorama Café. We walked 1.5 miles only to find that it no longer exists :(. We were so bummed. On the bright side, on the way back we decided to make a pit stop at our new favorite deli, Double J’s, to say hi and then get a coffee from Dunkin Donuts (our usual). However, now since we have a Starbucks on campus—it’s been tough competition between the two. Today, I have been pretty busy with all my work. A major plus was getting FREE Italian food for lunch from the event I was working on campus (St. Joseph’s Day). They were sweet enough to allow some of us to get food after the attendees were done eating. Overall though, it’s been one of those days when I’m walking two steps forward but still going one step back. My midterm over medical terminology this Wednesday and understanding organic chemistry are on the forefront of my brain, I really hope I am productive tomorrow and actually check off the items on my to do list. I’ll leave you with a quote for tomorrow: “What lies before us is daunting, what lies within us is astounding” –Paul Wesselmann

A Week of Indulgences :)


What a week!! I’m finally done with all but one midterm!!… I have absolutely loved the weather this week! It has been perfect in the high 60s and low 70s and sunny! This Wednesday everyone decked out in green in honor of St. Patty’s day. In the afternoon, from about 1-3 p.m., we had a “coffee house” in the D’Angelo Center with St. Patty’s Day necklaces and cookies. One of my friends who has high hopes of being a well-known singer, Alex Ritchie, performed her songs while a bunch of us sat on the couches to listen. They also had karaoke after, but almost all of us had class at 2:30 p.m. so we couldn’t sing. Oh well, at least we had a good time!

Later on in the evening, I decided to try “Double J’s Deli” right outside of my dorm building. I always pass by and heard it was good, so two friends and I went inside to get food and try it out for ourselves. The food was so good!! It doesn’t appear as though it would just because the deli is somewhat small, but it definitely was. The owner (“Double J”) is so incredibly sweet! He knows almost all the students at St. John’s because his store is popular on campus and he gave my friends and I discounts on our meals. On top of that, the deli is open 24/7! When everything closes on campus we have Dunkin Donuts and Double J’s deli as options (this is, of course, when I don’t feel like eating at St. Vincent’s or getting food from the C-Store).

Friday was an absolute perfect day! But, it didn’t start out like that. After almost being late to a morning meeting for a Heartburn Awareness project I’m co-planning and then rushing to grab a quick breakfast before my 11:15 a.m. class, my day suddenly brightened. My first two classes went pretty well, and the weather could not have been any more perfect. After my hour break of having lunch with some friends, I walked off to Philosophy class—the whole time looking at people sprawled out across the great lawn having picnics and relaxing, really wondering why I had class. But it turns out that my philosophy class was cancelled!!! I immediately ran down the stairs to go outside and talk with one of my friend‘s sitting on the great lawn, and then just go relax and talk with everyone else.

After about an hour, I went to go confirm my trip with Admissions Counselor Olivia Schum to go to a prospective student’s reception in Houston on April 13th! I am so excited about the trip! If you want to know more or have specific questions (and you’re from Houston) please do go!! It can only help. After sorting out my trip, I walked down the Montgoris strip to find my roommate standing on a platform from a mile away, only her too hahaha…After about a minute of laughing at her, I realized she saw me walking and was just waiting for me by the basketball courts. We decided to go to the St. John’s Men’s baseball game against Albany since I had about 4 ½ hours until I had to go to work. We stayed at the game for the 3rd-7th innings and from what I saw St. John’s was still up by an run! It was actually a a little embarrassing because me and my roommate together looked like the Albany colors since I was wearing a purple scarf and my roommate was wearing a yellow shirt…Oops. After the 7th inning, we originally decided to get bubble tea but changed our minds to get some real food. We finally decided on Regina’s Café—a really good Italian food place. As I sat indulging in my Baked Ziti, we saw two girls walk by with Cold Stone Ice Cream. We thought the same thing at the same time, “Want to get that after?” Haha…So we decided to just eat half of our food and save the rest, just to go walk across the street and get birthday cake remix’s from Cold Stone. Was it a complete day of indulgence? I would say so.

Back from Break!!!


Well the good news is I am APhA’s Membership Vice President for 2010-2011 school year!! …The bad news is Spring Break’s over :( This Spring Break I actually went back home to Texas! My suitcase consisted of a couple clothes/shoes, but I was scared I would go over the weight limit because of all the books/textbooks I had to bring home. Unfortunately for me, most of my midterms/papers were not before the break, like I hoped, but after.

Even though I had to study for the majority of my break, I loved being back home. I saw some friends, spent time with my family, and absolutely loved the warm weather. It’s the only the Tuesday back and I already feel like it’s been a week because of all my work. I had to pull an all-nighter Monday to make sure I finished studying and all my work. In fact, I don’t think anyone in my residence hall has had much sleep with all the fire alarms (all have thankfully been false alarms) that have been going off. On Sunday night two alarms went off, one at 1:30 a.m. and one at 3:00 a.m. and then again last night at 2:00 a.m.

Even though this week has been crazy busy so far, Spring weather is finally here to stay!! I no longer have to wear layers when I walk outside! There are also a lot of events going on  around campus this week. Today, they had the vendor fair at Montgoris (the dining hall) and it was the best meal I’ve ever had at Montgoris!! Companies of all my favorite food places came to our dining hall and handed out unlimited free samples from 11-2 p.m! The offered sushi (from a local restaurant), Tyson chicken, Simply Asia noodles, pizza, cookies, pasta, cutlet sandwiches, fruit, and a lot more. On top of this I took back a bunch of little bites and bowls of soup to my room—no need to grocery shop this week! Off to go finish my theology paper!

John Mayer Concert at MSG!!…and showing some STJ spirit


All I thought about this last week was the John Mayer concert on Friday!! An even better surprise: another snow day on the same day as the concert! It was perfect that we had no school Friday so I could just relax, sleep in, and catch up on some work before the concert. The show was my first concert ever at Madison Square Garden so I was really excited! The opening act was Michael Franti and Spearhead, but the only song I knew by him was, “Say Hey (I Love You).” He was an entertaining opener though. He brought people in the audience on stage all throughout his performance, which is always fun.

John Mayer didn’t come on stage until an hour into the concert, which is normal but I had so many songs I wanted to hear him sing!! His new album, Battle Studies, is a bit more depressing than any of his other albums but the music is still really good in it. My roommate and I most enjoyed hearing all of his previous songs, but he first went through his new album. Overall, I enjoyed myself and being in the heart of NYC makes it even better.

I still haven’t gotten over my infatuation with NYC, and I hope that I never lose that feeling. Ha! What I was surprised about, though, was at how much smaller Madison Square Garden was than I expected. Granted, I could just be used to bigger stadiums and arenas because buildings take up more space in Texas, but I was still surprised nonetheless. After the show, we debated whether we should try and meet John Mayer since he lives in NYC, but soon after going outside we met the stage crew who told us he usually leaves almost as soon as the show’s over…Oh well, maybe some other day.

On the train ride back to Queens we both got a huge craving for Dunkin Donuts, so we made our usual Dunkin run right outside campus and ran into a couple friends…the manager has seen us there so much, he pretty much gives us something free every time now! Even if America no longer runs on Dunkin, St. John’s students definitely still do. This past Saturday, I took off work to go the Women in Sports Day celebrations. There were events going on campus since the morning, but I missed out on the morning Kid’s Clinic and went to the women’s basketball game against Villanova. The game was not only celebrating Women in Sports, but Breast Cancer as well. So in an effort to create an atmosphere the game was themed “Pinkzone” and everyone was given a pink t-Shirt along with many other free things.

The game was especially dedicated to a woman named Ebony Dickinson, who used to play for St. John’s Basketball and passed away in 2009 from breast cancer. There were young girls from all types of sports teams and groups in the area, St. John’s women’s basketball alumni, and Misty May-Treanor (Women’s Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist). It was nice to see so much school spirit in the arena- everyone was so into the game. I’m sure it made a huge difference to the players. The game itself was awesome! St. John’s beat Villanova by thirty points! During the game, a couple guys would joke with the Senior Captain of the St. John’s team (also Outstanding Student Athlete of the Year) exclaiming, “Joy, marry me!” or “Joy, you can do no wrong!” hahaha…it was entertaining and kept her laughing. By the end of the game, me and my roommate got a bunch of giveaways from Fuze (sponsored the game) and even took back a giant pink Fuze/STJ Pinkzone themed Fuze drink. Our voices were almost gone afterwards, also from the previous night’s concert.

After the game, I headed over to Marillac Terrace for the Women in Sports Day Dinner with Misty Mae-Treanor as the keynote speaker. Misty definitely gave a heartfelt speech with a strong message in support of the event. She has definitely given up a lot to get to where she is today and is an inspiration to young women everywhere. I had the chance to meet her and take a picture with her after. The best part was that she let everyone wear her two Gold medals from the Olympics! She said it was her job to share her medals with everyone because they were hers to share. Well, it looks like I have a busy week ahead of me with three midterms and a speech all this week but at least I have Spring Break to look forward to! I am so excited to go back home again!

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