Kamaye Surgeon

Hey St. John’s…


It’s the middle of October and I’m overwhelmed as I study for midterms. Grad school and college are two different things. While I am enjoying my classes, the amount reading I have to do is a little annoying.  Nevertheless, I am learning how to be a competent, effective counselor within the School of Education’s Mental Health Counseling program. I actually can’t wait to be able to use what I’m learning in my internships… I just have to get passed all this reading!!

Other than school, I’m still looking for a job that can support the little necessities in a student’s life. You know, food, cable, internet… clothes. I’m in dire need of boots. Walking around in flip flops in the middle of November is not a good look, neither is living off of Easy Mac and Cup of Noodles.

My love life… yeah I’m still single.  -_____-

All in all, grad school has been challenging. Not just the coursework, but the fact that I am pretty much on my own. I have new worries and new responsibilities that never occurred in college. I’m grateful to still be teaching Zumba at Carneseca (Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm & Fridays at 3pm. Come see me‼). It definitely puts a smile on my face every time. I’m also glad to have the support of new friends. I think I would go insane if it wasn’t for my good friend Krystle.

Hopefully this time next year I’ll have everything under control. Even though I’m under a lot of stress, I welcome the new challenges as a learning experience. Bring it on grad school! I’m ready!

Thoughts on relationships in your first year…


They always say being in a relationship is not the best thing to do in college. I disagree with that. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. However, when you are freshmen or first year transfer student please… STAY AWAY.
I was already at a disadvantage transferring to St. John’s in the Spring. The orientation is only one day and everyone has already made friends. For those reasons alone it is imperative to be as social and involved as possible.

I started off pretty well. I lived in Donovan Hall so getting to know people wasn’t an issue. My roommates were fabulous! They definitely helped me adjust. However, in mid February I began dating a guy and ultimately he became my boyfriend. I was at a new school so my priority was to get more involved, so I didn’t have very much time for my boyfriend. Thus, he became a little upset due to my lack of concern for our relationship. I felt bad so I became less involved in school and focused more on him…. We broke up toward the end of the semester.

The moral of this story is stay focused on school, stay away from a relationship. When you’re in a new environment, its important to be outgoing and get involved. Join clubs, go to a pajama party, go to a Soccer game, hit the gym! Relationships require time that you will have plenty of, after your first year. So for now, tell your boyfriend or girlfriend to take a backseat and go to a party at Montgoris or come to my Zumba class. Whatever you decide to do, make the most out of your college experience.

I love to dance…


My most significant accomplishment at St. John’s University is discovering a passion for dance fitness. I have struggled with my weight since I was eight years old. By the time I was twelve I was two hundred pounds and I felt ugly. Luckily, I was able to lose about fifty pounds before I turned sixteen and along with the weight went that horrible ugly feeling. Unfortunately, the stresses of applying to college and actually being in college led me to gain some of the weight I lost.

When I transferred to St. John’s I began taking belly dance and African dance classes; I also met with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Not only did I lose the weight I had gained but I fell in love with dance. I joined The Sultan’s Jewels, a belly dance troupe created by Trinity Gainos D’Alessio and comprised of St. John’s Students, as well as SAPPHIRE, a company created by Elvin Ramos that specializes in African dance. Elvin and Trinity teach African and belly dance at the St. John’s and they’ve inspired my to pursue a career in fitness. I teach Zumba Fitness at St. John’s every Monday at 8pm and Saturday at 3:30pm. I’m also studying for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Exercise Certification.
If I didn’t transfer to St. John’s I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to perform with two amazing dance groups. Moreover, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for my Zumba license nor lose the weight. This new passion is not only the most significant accomplishment at St. John’s but it is the most significant in my life thus far.

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