Jessica Alves

Boy Bands Reign Supreme!


Every girl born in the 80’s or 90’s most certainly had their favorite boy band ranging from New Kids On the Block , N*SYNC, 98 degrees, Hanson, Backstreet Boys…the list goes on. Well recently, as many know New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys have teamed up and put together the NKTOBSB tour! My roommate and I headed into Manhattan and caught the bus to the IZOD center to relive our childhood dreams in a stadium packed with college aged girls and MOMS and their daughters! As much as I enjoyed screaming the lyrics to every song I memorized during my childhood, I particularly enjoyed how both boy bands tied in musical influences by singing Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”.  Out of nowhere, a guest performer was revealed, and to our surprise it was not another boy band or famous female artist from the 90’s….it was Naughty By Nature!

Although this concert was beyond fun, I must admit that some of my favorite concerts have been the ones that I’ve attended at St. John’s. Every year, the University tries to host one or two concerts featuring some of our favorite artists on campus! What makes it even better is that the concert is only $5 for General Admission!  This past spring Wale, Roscoe Dash, Chrissette Michele, and Wayne Wonder all made appearances in our very own Carneseca Arena. Past concerts that I’ve been in attendance were Maroon 5 and Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco!  What I love most about these concerts is not only the price, but the fact that everyone in attendance are your friends and peers. The crowd is so energetic and school spirited!

Weekends in NYC…


So Far things in New York are looking great!  After giving a tour and working in the office, I decided to hop on the subway and take the F Train into Times Square for the 18 annual “Taste of Times Square Event.” The event stretched between 42nd -47th street! Every year, 34 famous restaurants from all over the New York area specializing in all sorts of international cuisine come together and present their best dishes. This outdoor festival also featured outdoor music of all sorts of cultures. (My favorite was definitely the Mariachi band) Some of the restaurants included Carmines, B.B Kings, Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co, Planet Hollywood, and Havana Central. At each restaurant’s tent, one or two dish options were presented where you had the option of trading in 1-3 “taste” tickets in for. (which were only one dollar!) After eating a copious amount of guacamole, empanadas, macaroni and cheese, ribs, and cheesecake, you could only imagine that I was BEYOND stuffed.

Now you must be wondering, how do I find out about events such as these? Luckily, as a St. John’s student, logging in to your St. John’s Central account before the weekend automatically updates you on what’s going on this weekend. While school is in session, it’s a great resource to find out about weekend events going on both on and off campus such as athletic games, mini concerts in the Java Johnnies Coffee house, movies playing in the Little Theatre, and other on campus programming.  In addition, you can find links to places to visit and events going on in NYC (festivals, museum and concerts are big ones!)

Spiderman Didn’t Fall On Me…


After having technical difficulties, cast injuries, and budget issues, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark is finally back on Broadway. To my luck, my friend received 4 free orchestra seats to one of the previews of the show for from the company she interns for in Manhattan. (The big opening night is on June 14th!)  After hopping on the F train, which is conveniently less than five minute walk from where I live in the Henley Road Apartments, we headed into the Foxwoods Theatre to watch the Broadway Show.  Coming into this show, I had absolutely no idea what to expect not could imagine how a comic book character’s story whose movies are action packed could turn into a musical. Under the musical direction of U2’s Bono and Edge, I was clearly proved wrong with the lite rock flavor to the music. The stunts were also incredible for a Broadway play. With the use of several stunt doubles, Spiderman cast his webs and flew across the entire theatre within minutes. I felt like an 8 year old who couldn’t wait for the next stunt!

Part of the Metropolitan aspect of the University’s mission encourages students to embrace the culture, history, and atmosphere of New York City. With the massive amounts of exploring there is to do, the Campus Concierge Desk in the D’Angelo Center offers many opportunities for students to head into Manhattan, the most popular being Broadway Shows of course! For only $25.00 St. John’s students can attend a Broadway play. If that isn’t considered a steal, I don’t know what is! This past semester shows that went on sale included The Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Wicked, and Mary Poppins!  Another popular “student special” that students can take advantage of at the concierge desk is the Dinner and Movie Package! For $40, you can get a $50 dinner gift certificate, 2 movie passes, and 2 metro cards to restaurants in New York City!

Let Summer 2011 begin!


As the school year finally came to a close, I can only say that my experience at St. John’s continues to get better and better. This past spring semester was a blast! With my campus involvement and all of the programming that went on, there was not a minute where I had nothing to do. Besides taking part in Greek Week, attending the Spring Carnival and Concert, Relay for Life, and Campus Ministry Service trips I even tried to branch out of my comfort zone and played in Campus Recreation’s Softball Intramurals. Who would have thought that I would have been a part of the Champion Team?! (Go APD!)

To top the year off, why not end with a bang and participate in a FLASH MOB? (and cross it off my bucket list!) Through Flash Mob America, I came across a “Jamaican Flash” Mob occurring New York City’s very own Union Square!  We had the chance to meet and learn the choreography taught by Zakk Manzella from the Iconic Crew of America’s Best Dance Crew! You can even check it out on

Summer 2011 is already looking to be a promising one. I will be spending this summer here on the Queens Campus working as a Student Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Not only do I have the privilege of working with all of the great staff and counselors, I’m looking forward to meeting many prospective students interested in St. John’s and sharing why I love it here. (and spending a summer in NYC of course!)

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