Jeff Kezie-Meatchi

Double or triple Major at SJU


Have you ever thought of enrolling for at least a double major or triple major? If yes, don’t hesitate in looking for the appropriate university to do so because the right one for that is St. Johns University. If not, it is about time to start thinking about it. Today’s job market becoming more and more competitive, I think double majoring or even triple majoring will definitely help to quickly find a Job. For those who are freshmen, sophomore, or junior with only one major, and may be a minor, I think double majoring can still be possible. You just need to go talk to your academic adviser. For those graduating this January or the upcoming May Commencement, I wish you good luck in your future career hoping that you will consider going for a Master’s degree at St. John’s University. Besides that, I wish you all a successful final exam, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Finals almost there!


After a well deserved Thanksgiving recess whether with families, relatives and or friends, here are we back to school. It may look like we still have much time before finals but not as such. Therefore, fellow students, I only have one question and one message to you: Are you ready for your exams? I hope you manage to take a look at your books and notes during this four day break… Otherwise you still have a little bit time to catch up throughout these two weeks left before the Big Week, especially on Thursday 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary) and on Friday 9 which is the Study Day. With that much said, I wish you all a successful finals!

To you upcoming graduate student!


Given the competitive educational environment and job opportunities, to be able to get valued and probably find a good job, one must be versatile. To achieve this goal, a student needs to choose an appropriate university. With that said, I think Saint John’s University is the right place to do so. I believe getting just a Bachelor’s degree is no more sufficient to be competitive. This is one of the reasons why I would like to invite you fellow student graduating whether in January or in May 2012 to consider continuing your Master’s degree at St John’s University. Besides the competitive job market, getting a Masters degree will definitely increase your annual income compared to someone who only has a Bachelor’s degree. So, what are you waiting for, upcoming graduate student? Consider applying to St John’s University now to take advantage of the various financial assistance and scholarships offered.

Thanksgiving ! Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving is already near our doors. To make this big celebration very enjoyable especially for those who cannot go back home for some reasons, St. John’s Leadership Development and Multicultural Affairs through the Project AIM is organizing three big events opened to all St John’s Community members. Indeed the first two events are free and will be held on Friday November 18: Thanksgiving Dinner from 6:00pm to 7:30pm and Thanksgiving Jamboree (Dessert Party) from 8:00pm to 11:30pm. At this dessert party, St. John’s students from Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island campuses are invited to come together express their love and appreciation by performing their talents along with DJ Swiss to make the evening full of fun. If you are interested, just RSVP at by Wednesday November 16. The third event is Thanksgiving Dinner with Amish Families. It is a 3-Day Amish Country Trip. From Thursday November 24 to Saturday November 26. It is limited to 40 people (15 spots left). There is a required pre-application and pre-payment non-refundable $100, 00 per person including transportation, room and board. The deadline is Friday, November 18, 2011. For more info, please feel free to email to Enjoy!


Hey guys, Halloween is there, do you know that? After a serious and heavy midterm, we all deserve a break, right? Yeah, Halloween is back again. I hope you all had a nice rest during the weekend … If not, you still have this Tuesday to rest and also to enjoy. Some of you may be aware of that but others not. In fact, there is the New York’s Village Halloween Parade taking place On Monday October 31, 2011. It begins at 7pm on Sixth Avenue at Spring Street, and continues north along Sixth Avenue to 23rd Street and lasts until 10pm. Nearly 50,000 people participate in that annual Halloween Parade, including costumed marchers, puppeteers, bands and more. Anyone who is interested just needs to arrive at the beginning of the parade between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. There will be a lot of fun. So, feel free to go!

What a wonderful Open House!

Even though the weather was cold this Sunday morning, at six thirty, the Admission Officers and other staff were already present on Queens Campus to welcome the upcoming students and their guardian and or parents. By seven am, not only Transfer Student Ambassadors but also their peer Regular Student Ambassadors were also ready to be given instructions for the day. After a hot and nice breakfast, everybody was ready for the event. Parents, guardians and prospective students from not only New York State but also from other states were very warmly welcomed and assisted by the St John’s Community. These families and or groups were so well taken care of that you could read a sense of satisfaction on their faces and through their body language. Even more, some prospective students were so excited that they confess that they can’t help finishing quickly their senior year in order to attend St John’s University. This has been a success because of the willingness of the prospective students to come for the event and also because of the dynamism and the involvement of the whole Saint John’s Community. This is just the beginning. So, for those of you, prospective students, who couldn’t make it today for different reasons, there is another upcoming Open House on November 20. Therefore, do not miss it, please! Just come to that event and you will be satisfied by finding what you are looking for.

Midterms already?


Good morning fellow students! How are you doing?

After a nice, long, and wonderful weekend, I hope you all have enjoyed it through, for example, the Columbus Day Parade…  I also hope you have taken the opportunity to refresh yourself and have all taken advantage of taking a look at your books in order to finalize your preparation for the midterm exam…

For most of us this week, even though shortened by a day, is the week of midterm. For others, may be half of the midterm is already over and the other half will be during this week.  This midterm may be planned for the upcoming week for some of us either to finish the rest of the subjects left or to start from the beginning to the end. Anyhow, I just want to wish you a wonderful preparation and a great success. I know it may not be easy. However, with determination and effort, everything will work wonderfully and the results will end up being great. Therefore, it is high time you got ready to face this midterm properly for a better success.

All the best and see you later!

What a wonderful University Service Day!


On Saturday, September 24 around 7:30am, even though too early to be at school during a weekend morning, we could see not only students but also alumni and faculty around. Carnesecca ready to sign in for the 10th Anniversary of St John’s University Service Day! What a selfless university, what selfless students, faculty and alumni!

By 8:30 am the Carnesecca arena was almost full of people ready to volunteer wherever need might be. There was an opening full of joy, dynamism and readiness for the service day. Indeed, after the swiping, the distribution of T-shirts, the prayer, the breakfast, couple of addresses and picture taking, people where energized and ready to go to their assigned site to volunteer their time to others. What a great action!

I think this is something special which make us, St John’s Community, unique and different from the others. Therefore, this kind of action or event needs to be encouraged and kept up. This implies that we shouldn’t wait for only the University Service Day to be of help wherever needs might be.  It will be advisable to be ready at anytime to assist those in need as much as we can.

Dear students, alumni, and faculty thank you for your great generosity!

Happy Birthday, Johnn!


Hey guy, how are you doing? How did you enjoy your Johnny’s Second Birthday Party weekend? Hope Everything was great.

As you may all notice, Saint John’s University Community is a family committed to excellence and to educating young people not only intellectually but also culturally and socially. That said, Saint John’s University trains us and helps us to become better leaders in a multi dimensional environment and diversity. Achieving these qualities require from us a big sense of responsibility and a development of real life leadership skills. One of the many ways to get these skills is through Service without expecting any reward back.  Therefore, if you really want to take advantage of how to serve others and make a difference, this week is the right time to do so.  Indeed, St John’s University Community is celebrating its 10th Annual University Service Day on Saturday, September 24, 2011. It is also the beginning of the Founder’s Week. That is why I invite you to join any group or organization  this Saturday  at 8:30 am at Carnesecca  Arena to keep the Vincentian vision of serving those in need by selflessly giving of yourself.

So please, come so that, together we Celebrate the 10th Annual University Service Day in a spirit of family following the steps of our founder, Saint Vincent de Paul.

Be blessed!!!

Hey fellow students! Welcome back to our dear Alma Mater, St John’s University!


Whether you are a freshman, a transfer, a returning, or a continuing student I wish you all a wonderful and successful new school year.

As you may already know, to have a wonderful and successful semester, you need to get very focused from the first day of class through the last day of the semester. Therefore, this requires from you a little bit of sacrifice through a full dedication to your studies, a spirit of willingness to strive for excellence in every single subject you are enrolled in and a determination to do so throughout the year. I believe this will be effective because at St John’s University there is always improvement in almost every area. That is why everything has been set in order to make our school year very enjoyable, peaceful and successful.

As students, we also need to get involved in the activities of our university community because this involvement will truly help us complete our education and studies and also help us get ready for our future career just after college. With that much said, I really encourage you to get involved in at least one activity. The next Activities Fair Fall 2011 will more likely be held on September 8 on Queens Campus great lawn from 12pm to 3pm. Therefore, a decision need to be taken, and it needs to be taken now before it is too late.

Thank you and all the best.

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