Iselande Laguerre

Iselande Laguerre

oh give thanks !


Just the other day, I went to visit my aunt in Brooklyn. As I got off the train, I moved with a sense of urgency due to the fact that it was extremely cold and all I had on was my St. John’s hoodie and a scarf. When I was about 3 blocks away from her house, I noticed there was a woman laying on the sidewalk barefoot – wearing only a regular shirt and jeans. Instantly, my heart sank and I thought to myself ” wow, I’m cold but at least I know I’ll be warm once I reach my destination ….this lady most likely has no where to go.” aww man ! I’m getting all emotional all over again :( We need to be grateful for what we’ve been blessed with. Having shelter, a fridge packed with food, clothing, shoes, a family, job, the opportunity to be enrolled in school…etc are just some of the things we take for granted. OH GIVE THANKS!!! – there are people in desperate need in this world ! I’m pretty sure they would do anything to be in 1 of our many shoes. Think about it !

October is trying to be December for Halloween , I’m convinced!

I walked out of Carnessca Arena after dance practice &I was completely shocked when I saw ice falling from the sky. I don’t have a problem with snow but I just wasn’t expecting to see it so soon. Many students posted pictures of the view from their dorm & posted it on @STJnow on twitter. As I look out the window from my townhouse…it is STILL snowing at 10:12pm ! Good job October,you get my vote for the best Halloween costume this year !

St. John’s Best Kept Secret…


During the Spring 2011 semester, my friend showed me the jewelry that she made in class. I couldn’t contain my excitement so I jumped up and shouted, “OMG, I must take that class in the fall.” Many months later, I pleased to announce that I am currently taking that very same Jewelry Design course!  Professor Ross Barbera encourages us to be creative! So far, I’ve made an S-link necklace! My water paper pendant necklace, earrings & bangle are still being worked on but I will be sure to post them when they are finished. I attempted the Egyptian Link for the first time today and it came out better than expected. Although classes are from 7:30- 8:55 a.m., I look forward to them. The only complaint I have about this class is that it is too short!

Giving Back to the Community…

Moshi moshi  ( hello in Japanese)

I hope everyone’s semester is going well!!! Last month, my dance team and I had the opportunity to participate in University Service Day (USD). This is an annual University wide event where organizations on campus venture out into the community to lend a hand at local elementary schools, parks, nursing homes, soup kitchens, etc. with hopes of making a difference. My team’s assignment was to paint the hallways at Redeem Elementary School in Queens. We had a really great time and learned many painting techniques that we hadn’t known prior to USD.

A warm and tingly feeling suddenly poured into is as we visited the classrooms and sat in tiny desks! It brought back so many memories! If you haven’t done so already, please take advantage of the many community service opportunities @ St. Johns!

Giving back to the community …


Yesterday, I had the opportunity of doing community service at HeartShare in Queens. HeartShare is a nonprofit organization that aids children and adults with developmental disabilities, families in crisis and people with HIV/AIDS. Its’ mission is to help each person they assist become as independent as possible. Early childhood, residential service and Medicaid Service Coordination are three of the many programs they have available.

On Saturday, they hosted a literacy program for children. The site was divided into three rooms: Reading, Arts & crafts and the game room.  We (the volunteers) got to pick which station we wanted to run and I chose the reading room. As the children walked in, I flashbacked to the time when I was a kid! (Aaahh, good times !!! J)

Some children were very shy while some boldly approached me and asked, “Who are you?” And I answered with a smile, “my name is Izzy, welcome to the reading room!!”  I was eager to begin so I quickly got their attention and began reading the first of three stories. I made sure to be very animated and interactive to keep their attention.  Volunteering at HeartShare caused me to truly understand the importance of a loving environment and the need for patience when working with children.

Community service is such a huge part of St. John’s. I recommend that everyone volunteers with organizations that share your interests. At the end of the event, I felt truly fulfilled. I definitely plan on going back to HeartShare in the near future.

Below are the three books I read during Saturday’s event! Do you remember reading these books as a child ?!

Lights, camera, FASHION!


So, I just got back from my first official fashion show and I had such a great experience! About an hour before the show began, we (the models) were getting our hair and makeup done. At the same time, the runway was being put together and the curtains and lights were being placed as well.

We got dressed seconds before the show and boom- Lights, camera, FASHION! As I waited my turn to grace the stage, my heart was racing and I felt my legs shake. Next thing you know, it was my turn to walk down the runway. As soon as I stepped up to the stage, my nervousness was nonexistent. The energy from the crowd and the constant screaming and shouting from my friends had me feeling like I was on top of the world.

I enjoyed every second of the show and I am looking forward to being a part of action again next year.  Hope to see you there J

Ok, so St. John’s it is!!


Hello everyone !!!

My name is Iselande (pronounced Iz-lahn) but everyone calls me Izzy for short J

This is my first official blog so let me tell you a little about myself. First and foremost, I love food…especially when it’s free (St. John’s has plenty of free food events, yay)! Laughter keeps me sane and I take my iPod everywhere I go. I’m the type of person that gets caught singing and dancing in an empty aisle in a grocery store (yes, it has happened before). Finally, spending time with my friends and family tickles my insides and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Transferring can be stressful and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be!  Make a list of all your concerns and another list of everything you want in a university.

For example, these are some of the things that one should pay attention to when planning on transferring to a different school.

  • transfer of credits
  • course and major offerings
  • classroom size
  • geographical location
  • student body
  • extracurricular options

I transferred to St. John’s because of its academic reputation, diverse student body and metropolitan location. One of my favorite things about St. John’s is that there is a wide array of organizations on campus. Students are encouraged to join and create clubs that cater to their specific needs and interests.

No matter where you end up transferring to, always remember your experience will be as exciting and memorable as you make it. Be proactive and take advantage of the resources that are on campus academically and socially. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!!

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