Dzidzoli Quist

Spring break fun…


Ok guys it’s clear that the most anticipated part of the school year besides Finals week is spring break. Just playing about finals week but most students do look forward to spring break as their time to get away and relax.  As I took a survey around campus the popular destination for this year’s spring break was no where else but the home of Dwanye Wade, Miami, Florida.  Miami is a good attraction for St. Johns students because it’s nice, sunny and has that relaxing environment while at the same time the big city feel that we are all use to.

STJ Basketball excitment…


Most people know that we here at St. Johns pride ourselves on the tradition of our basketball program.  Recently the men’s basketball team has been experiencing some success they haven’t had in years.  As a transfer student I’m always proud to walk around the streets of Manhattan or go back to my old school and brag about how I attend St. Johns.  When people see St. Johns on your chest they not only associate you with academic excellence but a great basketball program.  WE ARE ST. JOHNS

Get involved…


One great thing about attending St. Johns is the amount of clubs and activities they provide for students. When I transferred here in the fall of 2010 that was one thing I told myself I had to do was to GET INVOLVED!  Ever since my involvement in various organizations on campus such as the NAACP, Harya and the Economic and Finance Society I have seen my network grow to new heights.  St. Johns is a great University and it’s all about what you make out of it.

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