St. John’s vs. SF State

In St. John’s first exhibition game, they decided to toy with the hearts of the fans as they just squeeze by SF State 82-80 at home. Harrison bailed the team out scoring the go ahead bucket with 17 seconds remaining. He led the team with 29 points, and Rookie Rysheed Jordan showed up with 16. This may but a scare in some SJU Fans, but Senior TV/Film Major Patricia Holliday is ready to go. “It’s been said a million times but It Starts Now. Everyone’s expectations are high whether they’re loyal sjubb fans or just from around the country” said Holliday. “I’ve been compared to Mets fans, but I really believe this is our year to make it back to the NCAA tournament!”

Do not take too much weight in an exhibition game, it is a time for Coach Lavin to experiment with players and see what he wants to do when Wisconsin comes up on Nov. 8th. This year is going to be a huge disappointment for St. John’s if they do not make it to the tournament and do well, but after the last exhibition last night, hopefully the fans are as excited as I am about the upcoming season. The season kicks off on November 8th, and the home opener will be against Wagner on November 15!

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