Greetings from Graduate Admissions!

We have a special treat from Graduate Admissions! Guest blogger Nicollette P. Francis  shared the following about her experience at graduate school at St. John’s University.  To learn more about our programs, click here.

Through the Eyes of a First Year Graduate Student

Education has always been an important factor for me growing up. My parents stressed the significance of going to school, staying focused, and striving for the best. In the Spring of May 2012, I was preparing to graduate and complete my undergraduate career. I already decided I wanted to pursue a master’s degree and went forth to applying to St. John’sUniversity. I applied to the Criminology and Justice Program having a mind set on becoming a criminologist. I was accepted and couldn’t wait to start my graduate career with St. John’s.

My first week in the graduate program was definitely a different experience from what I was accustomed at the previous school I attended. Although it is said that the workload in graduate school, more specifically the papers, may seem to be lighter than the work load in undergrad, in my opinion, it is of equal value. Yes the papers may range from 8 to 10 pages, but it gives you a better opportunity to grasp what is being taught, it gives you the chance to express how you feel on the topic discussed at hand, and it shows the professor that you are engaged in the course itself.

After completing my first semester here at St. John’s, I’d say I have gained a great deal thus far. The courses I have taken, one specifically being “Women and Crime” taught by the university’s very own Dr. Ryder, has opened my eyes deeper into seeking career paths in working with children who have been sexually exploited and women experiencing domestic violence. I am looking forward to what my second semester will bring and I am hopeful for my future endeavors. Making this step to continue onward to graduate school has been a choice I do not regret and I am glad to say I am a St. John’s University graduate student.


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